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A deckhand in the “commercial fishing” industry typically is the hardest working and lowest paid member of the boat. A commercial fishing deckhand gets a small percentage that the captain would compensate from the profits of their catch.

To the contrary, in the “recreational fishing” industry, a deckhand is considered a intern that typically serves aboard the fishing boat for a period of 5 or more years to earn hands on experience in order to acquire their own Coast Guard regulated captain’s license. The captains do not compensate deckhands for their services they provide to you the fishing charter customer, however, in exchange gives the deckhands experience that will be able to feed their families for years to come. Just like any service where you will be treated with personal 5 star concierge attention does dictate a fair gratuity in exchange. Your deckhand will rig your fishing poles with the proper tackle, bait your hooks to prevent inadvertently getting poked by a fishing hook, and handle your catch to ensure you do not get accidentally bitten or poked by a dorsal fin. Your deckhand literally puts himself in the dangerous situations solely for your own safety with the best intentions that your fishing trip is productive. Our deckhands completely understand production of a great catch equals good tips, not to mention their reputation for bragging rights when returning back to the Marina.

Upon returning to the fishing charter docks the deckhand will clean, fillet and package your catch in ziplock baggies for you to take with you. Depending on the boat you choose will depend if the deckhand charges for fish cleaning. Some boats offer free fish cleaning in exchange for 20% tip, while others charge up to .30 cents per whole fish pound for cleaning, so be sure to see the boat’s prices tab for those details. You will be expected to pay your deckhands gratuity in cash when receiving your filleted catch.

On our inshore and nearshore trips aboard the center console boats, the captain does double duty performing his job as well as the deckhand duties, so please be sure to tip your captain 20% as well.

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