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Top Water Fishing or Cast and Retrieve Fishing Charters

Cast and Retrieve

Use whatever lure you want, a swimbait, a crankbait, a spinner — they all are designed to be tossed out, and reeled back in using a particular motion, this is called cast and retrieve. This fishing technique can cover a lot of water quickly as the motion is mostly horizontal. The speed at which you reel to retrieve the lure, the angle at which you hold the rod and the design of the lure all impact the depth of the lure on the way back. Many hard swimming lures have a lip at the front that helps dive the lure to a particular depth. Many are available in deep, or shallow running versions. Soft plastic minnows, or curly-tailed worms can also be used. Here are the steps on how to fish using the cast and retrieve technique:

  • Cast your lure to your target – remember fish love structure or cover
  • Let the lure fall to your desired depth
  • Retrieve the lure by reeling in, using your line to pull the lure to mimic a swimming fish. You may wish to vary the speed of your retrieve to find a speed that entices a bite
  • Wait a couple seconds, then cast again
  • Repeat the retrieval

Topwater Fishing

Topwater fishing is a variation on cast and retrieve that uses a floating lure. Cast the lure to your desired location, then reel in using a retrieval motion that mimics a fish’s meal. Some topwater lures such as poppers, have a concave face that makes a big splash when you jerk the lure sharply on the surface. Or they can be “walk the dog” type lures that shake their head back and forth when you just twitch the tip of your rod in a rhythm. This shaking head action mimics a dying baitfish on the surface