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New Website Update #2

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A little over a month since my last post and i now have a strong grasp on how PHP, CSS, and all the Java scripts, i frames, etc on how Word Press works and operates.  I have been writing the complete website in HTML 5 and learning the differences in how the code language is written between PHP, CSS, Java Scripts has been a complete crash coarse of overload of information.  While very frustrating at times, thank god for Google and YouTube tutorials to help translate everything and put it all into perspective to get the end result.  While there is so much more to learn writing code i am burnt out and it takes allot of time.  Therefor it is time to graduate and move on the using better tools.  Downloaded Dream Weaver CC and holy smokes Batman… Back to school again… Thankfully when i read all the terminology it is now making sense and my learning curve has now now shortened.  Dream Weaver is cutting my development and design time in half and is writing majority of all the code for me.  The Inter-phase of where all the tools and functions take some time and repetition is speeding it up.  Very excited how far we have come from years past and we are now becoming a seriously respected Captain among the local fisheries.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates as we grow and share more content of The best Fishing along the Gulf Coast.


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    Movin on up… To the Seaside… of a deluxe Fishing Charter in the sky.

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