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Saltwater Fishing Charter Areas

Orange Beach fishing charter areas

Orange Beach Fishing Charter Area Terminology…

Orange Beach fishing charter areas and their respective yet descriptive terminology alike can be confusing from one perspective to another here along the Gulf Coast in Gulf Shores AL, Orange Beach AL, Perdido Key FL and Pensacola, FL...

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Inshore Fishing Sheepshead



Sheepshead Fishing

Archosargus Probatocephalus

     Welcome to the Gulf Coast’s premiere Saltwater Inshore Fishing Charters and Fishing Guides Service specializing in Inshore Fishing Sheepshead.





Inshore Fish Sheepshead

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InShore Fishing
Inshore Fishing for Black DrumInshore Fishing for BluefishInshore Fishing for BonefishInshore Fishing for CroakerInshore Fishing for Gulf FlounderInshore Fishing for Hardhead CatfishInshore Fishing for Sand SeatroutInshore Fishing for Spotted Seatrout Speckled TroutInshore Fishing for Sheepshead Inshore Fishing for Silver PerchInshore Fishing for Striped BassInshore Fishing for Tripletail

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Orange Beach Fishing Charters with Salty Dog’s Saltwater Fishing Guides



Inshore Fishing Charters

     Inshore Fishing Charters is our most popular fishing charter for the obvious reasons of affordability! Most recreational fishermen and families alike enjoy this action packed 4 hour fishing trip. When on one of our Inshore fishing charters will primarily fish in th...

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