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Specialty Charters

Sunset Cruise

Dolphin Cruise

Blue Angels Show

Burial at Sea

US Coast Guard Inspected and Certified Vessels
US Coast Guard Certified Captains

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InShore Fishing
Inshore Fishing for Black Drum Inshore Fishing for Bluefish Inshore Fishing for Bonefish Inshore Fishing for Croaker Inshore Fishing for Gulf Flounder Inshore Fishing for Hardhead Catfish Inshore Fishing for Sand Seatrout Inshore Fishing for Spotted Seatrout Speckled Trout Inshore Fishing for Sheepshead Inshore Fishing for Silver Perch Inshore Fishing for Striped Bass Inshore Fishing for Tripletail

NearShore Fishing
Nearshore Fishing Barracuda Nearshore Fishing Blacktip Shark Nearshore Fishing Blue Runner Nearshore Fishing Cobia Ling Lemonfish Nearshore Fishing King Mackerel Nearshore Fishing Spanish Mackerel Nearshore Fishing for Permit Nearshore Fishing for Pompano Nearshore Fishing Red Drum Redfish Nearshore Fishing Banded Rudderfish Nearshore Fishing Gulf Sturgeon

Offshore Fishing
Offshore Fishing for Amberjack Offshore Fishing for Black Grouper Offshore Fishing for Dog Snapper Offshore Fishing for Gray Triggerfish Offshore Fishing for Hogfish Offshore Fishing for Goliath Grouper Offshore Fishing for Lane Snapper Offshore Fishing for Queen Snapper Offshore Fishing for Red Porgy Offshore Fishing for Red Snapper Offshore Fishing for Speckled Hind Offshore Fishing for Snowy Grouper

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing Bigeye Tuna Deep Sea Fishing Wahoo Deep Sea Fishing Bluefin Tuna Deep Sea Fishing Mahi-Mahi Dolphinfish Deep Sea Fishing Sailfish Deep Sea Fishing Swordfish Deep Sea Fishing Mako Shark Deep Sea Fishing Blue Marlin Deep Sea Fishing Yellowfin Tuna Deep Sea Fishing White Marlin

Big Game Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing

Reef Fishing

Sight Fishing

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    Choose a Specialty Charters for a Sunset Cruise, Dolphin Cruise, a Burial at Sea and even Tournaments in Orange Beach with Salty Dog Fishing Charters.

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