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Charter Terms Conditions & Policies

Terms & Conditions

Food & Drinks

     All of the fishing Charters do not provide food or drinks. Please bring a small personal cooler with your food, snacks and drinks. On fishing charters that are 8 hours and longer have a free catering offer where your deckhand can grill your fresh catch with one of the captains perfected recipes. When you return to the docks your deckhand will clean, fillet, and package your catch in zip lock baggies. In most instances the deckhand will divide the catch up evenly among all the anglers aboard unless you personally request to have your own personal string. By this time your personal cooler should be empty so the deckhand can pack full with fresh ice to keep your filleted catch cold on your drive home.


No Glass Bottles

     Glass bottles aboard any fishing charter are prohibited for a number of reasons. Safety always comes first. From time to time the boat may rock back and forth unexpectedly making it easy to lose your balance. Most anglers are wearing open toed flip flops or sandals, add broken glass on the deck does not make safe conditions if the boat is rocking and broken glass is sliding all over the deck. Last if your glass bottle were to fall overboard by accident would not biodegrade over time. Let’s help protect our waters, leave all glass containers at home and bring only plastic or aluminum containers.


Alcohol Consumption

     You are welcome to bring along your favorite alcoholic beverages. Aluminum can beer, boxed wine, plastic bottled liquors are allowed aboard. No wine glasses or glass bottles of any sort are allowed aboard. While we allow consumption of alcohol while on you fishing charter, drinking in moderation is a absolute must. The average rule of responsible consumption is no more than one alcoholic beverage per hour. We will not have time to monitor anyones consumption, however in the event any passenger’s behavior that gets out of control, disrespecting other fellow anglers, and/or mistreating fishing equipment, will force the captain to return back to the fishing charter dock deeming the fishing charter unsafe for all of it passengers. No refund or credits will be issued to the guilty party/s involved resulting in the captains decision to return back to the dock.


Sea or Motion Sickness

     It is strongly recommended to pick up your favorite motion sickness medication from a local pharmacy or grocery store the night before your scheduled trip. Take one dose with dinner the night before and another dose with breakfast the morning before your departure and you will be fine. If you request to return to the fishing charter dock due to any unexpected reactions such as Seasickness or Motion sickness will not receive any refunds or credits.


Personal Electronic Devices

     Cell phones and/or GPS location devices are prohibited from use while the boat is fishing at any time. Saltwater Fishing Charters nor the Fishing Charter Captains will be responsible for any lost or damaged electronic devices or personal effects. Captains are genuinely concerned specifically of personal electronic devices that records GPS locations of our captains secret fishing holes aka fishing spots that are well guarded. Providing we respect your fishing charter captain’s way of earning a living will keep you on the best catch in is less fished locations. Disposable or electronic cameras are allowed to be used on your fishing charter. If you are caught using any GPS location device, the captain will reserve the right to return back to fishing charter dock with no refunds issued.


Black Sole footwear Prohibited

     Black soled shoes are not allowed aboard our fishing charter vessels. They tend to leave scuff marks on the deck of the fishing vessel that are a nightmare to remove. You can wear any type of footwear that makes you comfortable providing the soles are not a hard black sole.


Reschedule or Cancel

Need to Reschedule?

     We understand that unavoidable circumstances arise and appointments have to be rescheduled. You can reschedule your fishing charter up to one year from the original scheduled date. You can reschedule your appointment prior to 14 days of your appointment date with no penalties. You can reschedule your appointment online at proir to 14 days of your scheduled appointment. In the event you need it rescheduled within 14 days of your appointment will have to pay a 5% reschedule fee. Do not call the captain to reschedule your appointment. You must call the Saltwater Fishing Charter office at 251-265-1122 to reschedule your appointment.


Need to Cancel?

     We understand that unavoidable circumstances arise and appointments have to be cancelled. You may cancel your fishing charter up to 14 days prior to your scheduled appointment with no penalties. We do not issue refunds for any deposits made under any circumstances. You can cancel your appointment online at proir to 14 days of your scheduled appointment. In the event you choose to cancel within 14 days of your appointment will receive a automatic credit that can be redeemed within one year of your appointment date. Do not call the captain to cancel your appointment. You must call the Saltwater Fishing Charter office at 251-265-1122 to cancel your appointment.


No Call & No Show

     All customers who “DO NOT CALL and DO NOT SHOW” for their scheduled appointment FORFEITS the 15% pre-paid deposit when you made your reservation. In addition, the Captain reserves the right to charge an additional 50% NO SHOW FEE to the credit card on file. The Captain has prepaid for your fishing license, bait for your trip, your ice for your catch and allot of fuel, not to mention his time invested to clean & perform maintenance checks on the vessel, string fishing poles and tackle in preparation for your fishing charter. Your reservation made is interpreted to be a promise to pay for any cost incurred as a direct result of your choice to NO SHOW for your appointment will be held responsible and expected to reimburse the Captain. The 50% NO SHOW FEE is a fair accurate determination of the captains invested expenses to prepare for your Fishing Charter.




     In most cases the 15% deposit is the only charge made by Saltwater Fishing Charters and the balance would be charged/paid/owed directly to the Fishing Charter Captain. Sorry, We do not offer refunds on the 15% deposit required in order to reserve your Fishing Charter. Saltwater Fishing Charters is a Fishing Charter brokerage firm that offers a booking “service” that every angler “will receive” said service in order to “reserve and guarantee” your seat on a Fishing Charter. While we don’t offer a refund on the 15% deposit, we do however issue a credit for the exact dollar amount paid that can be used/redeemed within 365 days of the original scheduled appointment regardless if you reschedule or cancel. If you do not use your issued credit within 365 days of the originally scheduled appointment will be deemed expired/forfeited. There are exceptions to this rule such as bad weather or mechanical cancellations that can only be made by the captain.


Weather Refunds

     Even with all the sophisticated technology we have today at our fingertips unfortunately we cannot accurately predict safe weather conditions 100% of the time. From time to time bad weather can pop up out of nowhere even in the middle of your fishing charter. All customers assume the potential risk of bad weather conditions that may arise forcing the Captain to cancel/reschedule your Fishing Charter for safety reasons. In the event it is raining on land does not necessarily meaning it is raining offshore. The captain will not cancel your trip simply because of scattered showers. Only the Captain exclusively reserves the right to cancel due to weather. If your captain cancels your Fishing Charter due to bad weather that has made the conditions unsafe prior to departure will first be offered a opportunity to reschedule later on the same day if the weather radar predicts conditions to clear or the next date open/available date. If the vessel you scheduled is not available, the Saltwater Fishing Charter office will try to put you on another fishing vessel that is available. If yet those options are not satisfactory to the anglers needs, a credit of 15% will be issued toward a future Fishing Charter and the remaining balance (if any additional prepaid amount was made to Saltwater Fishing Charters), will be refunded by form of a check either 30 days from the date you made your reservation or 5 business days from the date your captain canceled the Fishing Charter, whichever is the later. *Any money paid directly to the Captain at time of boarding will need to be disputed with the Captain of your Fishing Charter whom you paid.


Mechanical Refunds

     If the Captain cancels a fishing trip for any reason other than weather, Saltwater Fishing Charters will work with the Captain to transfer you & your party of anglers to another boat of comparable value whenever possible only after we have exhausted the opportunity to go on a different date with the initial captain. If this is not possible, Saltwater Fishing Charters will provide a 15% credit your account depending on the amount paid to Saltwater Fishing Charters to be used with 365 days. Any money paid directly to the Captain at time of boarding will need to be addressed/disputed with the Captain of your Fishing Charter whom you paid. Saltwater Fishing Charters can only address the specific amounts paid to Saltwater Fishing Charters for your reservation


Privacy Policy


     We 100% do not share nor sell “any” information with no one never! We do not keep your credit card number on file nowhere at no time is stored on any form of media. Our site is 100% encrypted secure specifically for your privacy!


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